Tuesday, August 11, 2015


Cheri Roberts is a liar and has stolen and resurrected my intellectual property on a her wordpress blog and her new Facebook page. 
Anyone in independent media should avoid her.
Here are the links. 
Please report them. 
She has also included slander about me on her wordpress blog.
Cheri Roberts is a thief.
(I don't care that she blogs. But she cannot slander me or use the name CHALLENGING THE RHETORIC legally as it belongs to me.)
‪#‎CheriSpeak‬ is her regular blog and nic.
Not to be trusted. She obviously has an agenda.
That included controlling what was released when we collaborated together and now the slander on her site to discredit me. This is happening to many truth tellers right now. I recognize it now when reading about what others are going through.
***I also paid for all of the shows on BlogTalkRadio (my account) and the domain name for Challenging the Rhetoric that I still own. She paid for nothing. And she demanded the donations that came in also even though I was footing the bills.
She and her friends threatened me with bodily harm when I shut the show down. When she and her friends continued to call and threaten me with no abatement, I blocked her on all the social networks. ‪#‎nottobetrusted‬