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Want to tell your representatives how you REALLY feel? This issue on SB1203 has been taken up by Major General Albert N. Stubblebine III (US Army Retired). You can automatically send an email to your representatives and it will take you seconds. We don’t have much time to stop this from being approved in Congress. It has already been approved by the Senate.
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From General Bert:
Help me stop the Veterans Vaccine Mandate from passing the House of Representatives! Flood the House with your emails demanding that this horrible idea go no further.
On November 10, 2015 — the day before Veterans Day, the US Senate passed S. 1203 giving the VA the responsibility of mandating vaccines for all veterans. If they exercise their legally protected Right to Informed Consent, they can be denied all medical care.
The bill deceptively says that veterans “can” receive any vaccine on the CDC’s Adult Vaccine Schedule and then goes on to direct the VA to create and implement the mandated vaccination of all veterans with all vaccines on the schedule.
What about freedom? What about Informed Consent? What about rights? What about scientific, medical, religious or philosophical reasons to refuse vaccinations? Gone, all gone.
This bill is another wedge splintering our freedoms.
Frankly, the Natural Solutions Foundation has been telling people for more than a decade that Adult Vaccination was coming.
It’s here.
Veterans need the same protection that Health Care Workers, Child Care Workers, Grandparents and the rest of us do: Vaccine Mandates are illegal, dangerous and tyrannical.
After taking action to pound on the House of Representatives, please let everyone you know who is a veteran, knows a veteran or loves personal freedom about this campaign before it is too late to stop this horrifyingly dangerous law.
And get your Advance Vaccine Directive exemption card here:
Yours in health and freedom,
General Bert

Just go to the following link to sign; once you plug in your address, this will generate your representatives contact info and will automatically send off the text of the email below to their inboxes. QUICK AND EASY!


November 11, 2015
Open Letter to Senator Dean Heller (R-NV)
Your recent legislation, S.1203 is a disgrace to the Congress of the United States and a life-threatening affront and threat to the Veterans of the United States and Minor Possessions.
Sec. 101 of your misnamed “21st Century Veterans Benefits Delivery Act”, tasks the Department of Veterans Affairs with the mandate to “ensure that veterans receiving medical services under chapter 17 of title 38, United States Code, receive each immunization on the recommended adult immunization schedule at the time such immunization is indicated on that schedule.”
There are more than 90 vaccines so scheduled or listed in the Adult Immunization Schedule of the CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices, a nested pair of astonishingly corrupt organizations whose vaccine recommendations are flawed by such deep conflicts of interest as that of Dr. Paul Offit who sat on a panel voting to recommend the vaccine of he, himself, shares ownership of the patent. Rather than recuse himself, he enthusiastically voted to approve an unnecessary vaccine which causes pneumonia, potentially lethal death of the GI tract of infants and meningitis, but which garnered him a minimum of $148,000,000 in the first year of its approval.
Similar dealings pervade the “approval” of every vaccine.
Vaccines have been held by the US Supreme Court to be “unavoidably unsafe” and by the insurance underwriting industry to be “an uninsurable risk”, matched only in its uninsurable riskiness by the nuclear generation industry, which is also uninsurable.
You have introduced legislation which exposes ALL veterans to an escalating cascade of “unavoidably unsafe” vaccines in order to assure that they maintain the access to medical treatment which they require and have been promised solemnly by the government for whom they were willing to put themselves in harm’s way and which they have trusted.
You, Sir, have made a mockery of that trust and service. You would deny medical treatment to veterans who seek only to exercise their right to Informed Consent regarding vaccines. You do this knowing that vaccines are “unavoidably unsafe.”
Your colleagues who voted YEA for this atrocious bill can be excused, perhaps, on the basis that they were not performing the duty they have taken an oath to execute faithfully by, as is so common, not reading, and even more common, not understanding the legislation which they voted for.
You, Sir, have no such excuse because your office singlehandedly introduced legislation which would destroy the immune capacity of ex-servicemen and -women who will not be able to tolerate the genetically modified DNA, the mercury, the aluminum, the Polysorbate 80, the cancer cell line and aborted fetal cell line DNA, the formaldehyde and other toxic ingredients, to say nothing of the still-infective viruses included in so many of the vaccines.
The fact that these vaccines are, according to the FDA, ALL experimental but that some are both experimental in untested seems to have escaped you, Sir.
Or perhaps not.
You and your spouse are positioned in at least 35 municipal bond projects and the like, principally in California. Is it possible, Sir, that with your degree in finance, you are concerned that these municipal ventures and holdings will be less valuable, pay smaller dividends, if they are faced with expenses related to housing for veterans and other services to them? Is it possible that you wish to cut the cost of the medical services provided by the Veterans Administration and Social Security payments to them by making sure that they are dead much sooner than otherwise, absent the deluge of uninsurable, “unavoidably unsafe” toxic injections you have mandated for them?
Is it possible that you understand clearly that while the proximate profits of vaccinating some 22 million veterans with multiple doses of some 90+ (and more coming) vaccinations would be vast, the downstream profits from the chronic degenerative diseases linked with vaccines, from cancer to diabetes to Alzheimer’s Disease and so much more, are unthinkably huge?
Is it also possible that the men and women who have served the United Stated, although anticipated to decline from today’s approximately 22 million to about 14 million in 2043 according to the National Center for Veterans Analysis and Statistics is not declining fast enough to reduce the “burden” on the public coffers for you?
Or is it possible that the real agenda is that these men and women have taken an oath to defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic and you share the distrust and fear of these men and women as potential terrorists because they value the Constitution AND know how to shoot?
I am a retired United States Army Major General and a West Point Graduate as was my father before me.
I fought in the wars, both cold and hot, of the United States and was promised health care for the rest of my life in return.
I understand, as you apparently do not, Sir, that it is illegal in the United States to require the surrender of a benefit, in this case, Medical Care under the Veterans Administration, in order to assert a right, in this case, the right of Informed Consent.
I understand, as you apparently do not, Sir, that my right to Informed Consent, to refuse whatever medical intervention is offered without pressure, prejudice or punishment, is secured by Case Law (see, for example, Missouri v. McNeely, 2013) and statute in the United States. I do not give my informed consent for any vaccination.
I understand, as apparently you do not, Sir, that there is no legislation which the United States can pass to remove my personal right of Informed Consent because it is additionally guaranteed by the Geneva Conventions, which the United States signed and ratified. I also understand, as apparently you have overlooked, that, according to the Constitution of the United States, treaty law supersedes National, State or local laws.
Therefore, Sir, you law forcing me to give up my right to medical services through the Veterans Administration is unlawful.
You, Sir, are participating in the violation of the US Constitution, case and statute law AND aiding and abetting a Crime Against Humanity by seeking to remove a right which cannot be removed lawfully from me or my fellow-veterans and by seeking to enlist others in the commission of similar crimes.
Your lawlessness is unconscionable. Your willingness to use the unlawful powers of the State and its agencies to remove my sovereignty over my own body is despicable.
Whatever you motivation, and that of your 10 co-sponsors might be, it is both ignoble and unworthy of a person elected to represent and serve the people of the United States.
You, Sir, are subject to recall if 25% of the voters who participated in the last election in Nevada wish it. They would be wise to do so.
It is my profound hope that the good people of Nevada see fit to so remove you.
In the meantime, I shall be doing my best to enlist all of my fellow veterans in a campaign to assert their protected Right of Informed Consent and to refuse the intrusive and totally unacceptable threat to their life, their liberty and their rights.
Yours in health and freedom,
Maj. Gen. Albert N. Stubblebine III
(US Army, Ret.)
Natural Solutions Foundation


Do this today and encourage other veterans to do the same.

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