Tuesday, April 14, 2015


By Anita Stewart for Challenging the Rhetoric and Wise Women Media
One of the most unreported stories of late is the war in the Ukraine and thecurrent cease fire. It appears that Russia “separatists” are the enemies of the US and the Ukrainians are the allies. What is the “end game”? Some 4,300 people have died since the conflict began and alleged war crimes abound and because the US government and other Western Powers have dirtied their hands as well as provided support for this war, the question that needs to be asked is,
“Is this the manufacturing and the reinvention of the “Cold War?”
… kind of like dangling a carrot or the sword of Damocles? 
Remember, Money And Natural Resources
What is often not reported in corporate media is the back and forth flow of natural gas and oil from this region. The movement of these two natural resources seems to determine the state of the current relations between both of these countries.
Gas exports from Russia to the Ukraine have resumed after a 6-month hiatus. It is apparent that those in the Ukraine rely heavily on Russia. The Ukraine is not doing well fiscally. 
According to latest reports, Ukraine will financially collapse without funding of more than $15 billion dollars. This is in addition to $17 billion dollars funded by the International Monetary Fund; money that was supposed to last until the year 2016. If Ukraine doesn’t get the monetary funding, it will be forced to cut spending and default on its debts.
The eastern regions of the Ukraine bring in 16% of the financial output, but in spite of a ceasefire and working on output; farming, production, and manufacturing are almost at a standstill as there are still skirmishes going on in many locales. Add routine black outs, lack of water, low stocks of coal due to mine closures, a recent nuclear power plant accident and very little natural gas production and this makes for a very rough winter in an extremely cold climate. Electricity is also currently in limited use in the largest cities.
And Back To The War…
Kerry told Putin during the latest talks that there was a chance to rebuild trust as long as there was no Russian backing of the Ukrainian “separatists.”Forbes states in a recent article that we should be providing military aid and finances to the Ukraine as soon as possible. 
The Ukrainians have committed war crimes and perpetuate a Nazi type ideology. They have recently cracked down on any anti-Ukrainian media.
The following war crimes have thus been documented:
  • Snipers
  • Unmarked Graves
  • Odessa Massacre (just one noted)
  • Killing of Civilians and Non-combatants
  • Bombing of Residential Areas
  • Assassinations
Western Powers Who Support Ukraine Are Against Russian Intervention
It should be clear to anyone that the natural resources and the ownership of the natural gas and oil products are why this war is being fought. LNG (Liquid Natural Gas) anyone?
Will there be an improvement in the conditions in the Ukraine or is this just going to be a Western-style smash and grab?

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