Monday, August 10, 2015

Dr. Amanda Mary Jewell and Her Husband Douglas Tell All RE: GcMaf, Dead Doctors and More!

These are doctors on the run. Amanda Mary Jewell is still afraid for her life after receiving death threats and being discredited by mainstream media. Even her kids reputations are being thrown into this by the media and on social networks! 

The doctors' are referring to eight other colleagues who were holistic and who were mysteriously killed or died recently and within a very short amount of time. And before their deaths, some of their offices were raided by the government.

GcMaf is a cancer and autism cure that is comprised of a protein that the body produces that all of these doctors were researching. See more about GcMaf:

The Jewells
Background stories providing more information on what the Jewell's are referring to in this video:

A memorial page on Facebook for Dr. Bradstreet, one of the doctors who died under suspicious and mysterious circumstances (he was shot and then thrown into a river in North Carolina):






  3. doctors my arse evil con artists

  4. She's not a doctor, she is a property developer, lives in a mansion in Surrey.

  5. Doctors ? she is a property developer and lives in a £3 million mansion !...God knows how she had the time to develop a cure for cancer....oh wait she didn't, she sold industrial bleach to desperate people

  6. She's not a doctor, she is a property developer, lives in a mansion in Surrey.

  7. Anonymous14:46

    She is not a doctor. nor is she a lawyer which is what she told me and my husband when she conned us into putting what little we had into one of her properties. O.k. we were stupid, we were naïve we were greedy and thought we could make a few bob, but at least we are not liars, at least we have never played on the desperate in order to make money.