Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Interview with Jeb Bell of Georgia Regarding the Sabal Trail Pipeline (VIDEO)

Eminent Domain is Real and Landowner Rights Don’t Matter!
Interview by Anita Stewart for Deep Green Resistance.

Many in the regional southeast of the U.S. know very little or nothing at all about the Sabal Trail Pipeline that is being constructed now and projected to be completed in May of 2017. This pipeline will be moving fracked gas (methane) from Alabama through southeast Georgia and intersecting almost the entire state of Florida. It is important to note that this project was approved and construction has begun. In addition, there are storage areas, staging facilities and compressor stations all along the 515-mile route. 

Many people along the route or in close proximity, renters included are not even aware that this pipeline is being constructed so close to their homes and property. In total, approximately 160 eminent domain lawsuits have been filed by Sabal Trail including the one involving the Bell brothers. Now the Bell brothers are involved in a legal precedent to pay for Sabal Trail’s legal fees to the tune of $47,000.

After reading Jeb's heartbreaking story on a Fusion article that was also reprinted in Newsweek and interacting a bit with him on the social networks, I had an opportunity to interview him (from Mitchell County, Georgia) on September 20, 2016. I thought his story was important and needed to be retold, as his legal eminent domain precedent can happen to any landowner at any time. Eminent Domain is making theft of land from landowners legal if the corporations are doing it. http://fusion.net/.../southeast-gas-highway-upsets.../

The Bell family’s GO FUND ME page to help with their legal fees (VIDEO): https://www.gofundme.com/2pgabdvh

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Link to audio file: https://fccdl.in/4286Ak0CS

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